Cambodian Brides

Cambodia can be a paradise for those men who want to find a beautiful devoted bride and marry her. As for global seducers and sexual tourists, these guys won’t succeed here.  This country is very traditional and quality women are not OK with hook-ups and casual romances. Unlike western ladies focused on career and independence the locals love to live their lives as caring loyal wives, loving mothers, and hospitable hostesses. Cambodian mail order brides are easy to love because of their beauty, natural charm, and kindness. Nevertheless, Cambodian singles are often overlooked by foreigners. What’s causing this? The thing is Cambodia is a very traditional country when it comes to marriages. Many marriages are forced or arranged by parents. Oftentimes, a groom has to pay the dowry for the bride. Even if the girls’ family is the modern assurance of the man’s financial stability is needed. Still, many foreigners are not afraid of obstacles because of the advantages of a marriage with Cambodian girls outweigh all the cons. Read on to find out more about habits, appearance, and character traits of pretty Cambodian girls.

Appearance And Character

On the whole, Cambodian women are smaller and darker compared to ladies from other Asian countries. They have brown flawless skin which looks like perfect tan. Their delicate figures and graceful walk draws foreign men’s attention. By and large, the local ladies have full lips, impressive eyes, and long black hair. Mostly women wear traditional clothes covering a body to foot. Many ladies want to be free to wear the way they want but suffer from social pressure. Outer beauty is not the only advantage of the local girls. They are also genuinely compassionate, naturally understanding, and sensitive. Through life’s ups and downs, the right Cambodian woman will be there for you with support and love. They are sweet and expressive with their feelings. You will never feel a lack of attention and affection if you date a girl from Cambodia. Beautiful Cambodian women are very family-oriented. The culture of the country has instilled in them the importance of having solid family ties. It’s one of the main reasons why these ladies make ideal wives and mothers. They really are capable of handling the responsibilities of building a happy family. They aren’t afraid of responsibilities and hard work that often come side by side with motherhood. A sense of romance is what makes Cambodian girls for marriage stand out of the crowd. They will make your every meeting special. From cooking delicious meals, texting sweet nothings to planning pleasant surprises for you, they can turn everything into heart-melting romantic events. Also, they don’t forget to dress up and look beautiful for their boyfriends. Women born and raised in Cambodia are kind-hearted. Their innate tenderness sometimes seems to be out of this world. She’s really good with kids and animals. Being in a company of relatives or friends, Cambodian mail order bride always tries to make people feel comfortable, happy and appreciated. The natural charm of these women is so strong that they can easily win the hearts of their husbands’ relatives and mates.

Cambodian Mail Order Brides Are Traditional To The Core

Finding a good husband and being a loyal loving bride is a life goal for most Cambodian girls. This traditional belief is rooted in culture. The local ladies have strong old-fashioned values including saving virginity till the marriage. Social environment and upbringing matter in this case. Even if a girl seems modern and free-spirited deep inside she is a conservative individual. You can see it in the way she talks and reacts in different situations. On average, Cambodian mail order brides are careful with their actions and need their parents’ approval for making important decisions including getting married. To a large extent, there is no dating culture in Cambodia for pure traditional girls. If you want a casual adventure with a bar girl dating is possible. But when it goes about serious relationships, the groom usually gets acquainted with Cambodian mail order bride, communicates with her for a while via dating sites or messengers, and then asks her father if he can marry her. To many foreigners, this may seem uncivilized and outdated but that is the way things are in Cambodia. The good news is your bride is truly loyal, respectful, and affectionate. Once you win a Cambodian woman’s heart, it’s yours forever, assuming you are a decent, faithful, respectful, and loving man.

Why Do Cambodian Women Want To Date Foreigners?

Women are very different and each one can have their own reasons for dating foreigners. Statistically speaking, Cambodian mail-order brides hope that union with western men will bring safety and marriage out of love. Most of the local men are abusive.  Domestic violence is a big problem in Cambodia. Like many other women all over the world, financial security is what a lot of Cambodian singles desire. It’s a tough situation in the country and young girls don’t want to struggle for putting food on the table. They are mostly open about their modest requests. They believe that Western men are more reliable, responsible, and faithful comparing to the locals. Unfortunately, Cambodian husbands oftentimes don’t meet even the middle requirements of an average lady. There are many alcoholics, cheaters, and lazy men who can’t make a living in this country. Cross-cultural marriages between Cambodian mail order brides and Western guys are not rare things. Many local girls have friends, who were successfully married to foreigners. The women see how happy their friends are and naturally want to experience a marriage with a foreigner too. Western guys are seen as good fathers. Motherhood, as well as being a wife, plays a big role in the life of Cambodian women. She wants to become a mother one day and share the bliss of parenthood with a responsible, caring man. Also, if a single woman is a divorced mom she wants a man with a willingness to accept her kids. Some Cambodian brides want to escape the life they have. Not all Cambodians are traditional. There are women from rich families and those who have studied abroad or run their own businesses. Such ladies don’t see their future in Cambodia and want to move abroad with their western men.

Cambodian Women For Marriage – Something You Should Know

There is a special marriage requirement issued by the government of Cambodia. The idea behind it is the man has to be younger than 50 and has to earn more than two thousand five hundred dollars per month in order to marry a Cambodian woman. It’s important to mention that such a law was adopted in order to stop human trafficking and other problems connected with it. You shouldn’t take it as extortion of money or total materialism. In fact, Cambodian mail-order brides don’t ask for much. They are used to frugal living and value simple things. If you have a good job and stable income it would be enough for a girl’s parents to approve your marriage. These people are not greedy and don’t use material things to measure love. An average Cambodian mail order bride doesn’t demand jewels and luxury clothes. A simple bouquet of flowers or box of chocolate will make her glad and thankful. The main thing you can give to her is your love, respect, and protection.

Where To Meet Cambodian Mail Order Bride?

A trip to Cambodia with a mission of finding a bride is a mission bound to fail. As it was mentioned before, dating culture isn’t developed in this country. Many foreigners who come to visit Cambodia agree that good girls avoid approaching on the streets. If you don’t have friends in Cambodia who can introduce you to women for marriage, just join a dating site and try your luck. Online dating is a good option for meeting a Cambodian bride, and here’s why:
  • Decent women most likely don’t get acquainted with foreign strangers in public places. If they really want to build a serious relationship with a foreign man they register on a dating site. Your task is just to find that special someone and make a contact.
  • Online communication gives a great opportunity to know each other better and build a basis for future relationships. You can spend a lot of time with your future Cambodian wife online and ask her about anything that interests you.
  • Women registered on dating sites have good English skills. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier because Cambodian mail-order brides are educated enough to express their thoughts and have a conversation on any subject in English.
  • Modern matchmaking tools make an acquaintance as comfortable as possible. You won’t feel awkward to start a conversation or scared to be rejected. If you are not sure how to make a contact you can send a wink or read the information in the profile for finding the right line.
To achieve success in finding the right Cambodian mail order bride you have to find a legit and safe dating platform first. Make sure you agree with terms of use and privacy policy before you sign up. It’s also useful to check success stories on the dating site and reviews about the dating tool you have chosen.

Tips On Dating Cambodian Women

Cambodian mail-order brides can be really shy and conservative. Don’t be surprised if one of them won’t give you a phone number in front of others. Prepare yourself to be a little assertive if you want to date a girl from Cambodia. Most local girls live with their parents until they get married. Parents watch their daughter and don’t let her spend too much time outside, especially with boyfriends. For that reason, focusing on online dating is an effective way to win Cambodian girlfriend’s attention and know her better. The moment you get to know your girlfriend better, you become a witness of amazing transformation. A conservative and uptight girl turns into a funny and cheerful person. It’s almost impossible to get bored with her. She will make sure you have a good time with you and do her best to make you feel relaxed and pleased. When you are dating a girl from Cambodia she wants you for life. For most women here a boyfriend is almost the same as a husband. If you date such a girl please treat the relationship seriously because she does. If you use a dating site, aka Cambodian wife finder, you should know women there can be divided into two large groups. Young romantic girls who see foreigners through rose-tinted glasses and more mature independent women who want to escape the life they have. The second group is better for building serious relationships because they know what they want and are more rational. Cambodian wives and girlfriends treat their foreign men like celebrities. As long as you respect the girl, don’t abuse alcohol, and look presentable, your Cambodian girlfriend will be really proud to date you. She will give all her emotional warmth and care to make you feel loved and needed.


Cambodian girls are traditional, faithful, and family-oriented. If they decide you are good for them, be sure they will give all the love and care to you. Dating Cambodian women online is a good option because many local ladies are too conservative to go on casual dates with foreigners. And communication via a dating site or messengers can help you to talk as much as you want despite all social bans. Nothing beats experiencing the personality traits of Cambodian mail-order brides first-hand. Communicate with a Cambodian girl and see for yourself how amazing they are. It might be the end of your quest for a happy and long-lasting relationship.