Chinese Brides

What do we know about Chinese women? They are good-looking, well-mannered, smart, and faithful to traditions. The last feature sometimes can play tricks with ambitious open-minded singles. Modern Chinese ladies want to build a career, have more personal freedom, and start own family with someone who respects, understands them, and doesn’t take their love for granted. Unfortunately, an average Chinese man often isn’t able to give all mentioned to a lady. That’s why there are many Chinese mail-order brides, who prefer to marry foreign men with more relaxed views. These girls can still be faithful to traditions but they won’t live their life happily without social pressure and forced marriages. Read on to find out what are girls in China really like and what do they look for in men.

Why Are Chinese Mail Order Brides In Demand?

Women from China are known for their beauty and mild generous temper. These girls are delicate by nature with their fragile slim figures, thick dark hair, and porcelain skin. Being naturally beautiful Chinese brides don’t forget to work out and use cosmetics. They know how to emphasize their advantages and look fabulous in any situation. No wonder that many men abroad are interested in dating Chinese girls. Moreover, local women know a lot about housekeeping and are brought up to be caring for wives and mothers. You won’t starve or feel a lack of attention if you are married to a lady from China. Chinese mail order brides also are intelligent individuals and very quick learners. They usually work hard to get a good education. A typical Chinese lady manages to have a conversation on any subject and impresses with her wit and clear-sightedness.

The Truth And Myths Regarding Chinese Mail Order Brides

Sometimes it seems that a character of beautiful Chinese women is a mystery wrapped in a conundrum. The key to figuring this whole thing out is understanding that every woman is unique. Let’s talk about the main stereotypes regarding girls from China in order to debunk the myths. Pretty Chinese girls are gold diggers. The economy of China is one of the developing ones. Many local women have a good job and can afford many things without men’s financial support. The common reason for searching for a foreign husband is discriminatory social norms and gender stereotypes in China. Usually, marriage for modern Chinese girl is not about enrichment. She looks for love and a healthy relationship in the first place. Chinese mail-order brides like to subordinate and prefer dominant men. Most Oriental women do consider a man to be ahead of the family. But it doesn’t mean that girl wants to be inferior or submissive. Moreover, she needs respect, courtesy, and care. Chinese women are always shy and quiet. Not at all. Foreigners can be under that impression because ladies in China are reserved. Since childhood, they are told that patience and self-restraint are superior qualities. When you get to know your Chinese mail order bride better you may be surprised how loud, emotional, and playful she can be. Chinese ladies avoid the sun. Well, this fact is true. The skin of your Chinese mail-order bride is pale and doesn’t get a tan easily. Expect her to do everything in her power to avoid the sun. Masks, double-sleeves, umbrellas, and hats are real necessities for the Chinese.

Where To Meet A Beautiful Chinese Bride?

Modern technologies have a lot to offer for those who dream about meeting Chinese singles online. There are many dating sites that connect singles from different parts of the world. All you need to do is find a legit and safe dating platform, create your account, and start messaging.  Websites and apps are convenient not only in terms of staying at home and free communication. There are also many other advantages, as follows:
  • Chinese mail-order brides are registered on such sites in order to find a romantic partner for a long and serious relationship. So you can save your time and nerves speaking only to those whose goals match yours.
  • Modern matchmaking tools make an acquaintance as comfortable as possible. You won’t feel awkward to start a conversation or scared to be rejected. If you are not sure how to make a contact you can send a wink or read the information in the profile for finding the right line.
  • A relationship based on communication is a good idea when it goes about long-lasting commitment. From this point of view, a dating site can be a superb Chinese wife finder. The thing is communication online helps to know a lot about other people and become friends. And having a friendship as a basis you have more chances to build a successful romantic relationship when you meet your bride offline.
Safe and easy ways aren’t for you? Then just take a chance and go to China. Big cities like Shanghai or Beijing are full of Chinese girlfriends who look forward to dating foreign men. Be patient, well-mannered, and treat girls you meet with respect. Then apparently a fate will throw you a favor. There can be a lot of pitfalls in dating Chinese women. Read on to find out how to avoid all the snares.

Tips On Dating Chinese Women

Don’t try to get acquainted with the street. Chinese girls are shy and suspicious of strangers. Find a more sophisticated way to meet a woman in China. For example, ask your male friends to introduce you to single Chinese girls.
  • Food is an important part of Chinese culture. If your girlfriend offers you something to eat, just try it. Also, a restaurant or café can be a perfect spot for your date. Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend likes not only to eat but capture food and post it on Instagram.
  • Forget the small talk thing. Most Chinese girls are straight up about what is important to her. Be prepared for the long texting and pragmatic questions about your background, income, property, etc. Chinese people are very results-oriented and don’t like to waste time. They prefer to know as much as possible about a man before meeting him.
  • Try to avoid talking about your ex-girlfriends and ex-wives, especially in the first phase of the relationship. Chinese mail order bride often expects that past isn’t very important for you. Also, she won’t be happy about other girls you might chat with. Oriental women are a bit jealous.
  • Family matters. Don’t meet your Chinese mail order bride’s parents unless you plan to marry her. Paying a visit to parents’ home in China is some kind of declaration, a sign that you will marry soon. Family is a big deal for Chinese women. It’s not a rare thing here when the choice of a husband depends on parents’ approval.
  • Be helpful. Your Chinese bride most likely expects you to be useful and practical because men in China usually are like this.  Do some dishes, carry stuff, show initiative. Chinese women will appreciate it. She may expect you to show that you can take care of her so don’t be surprised if she hopes you carry her purse or do something like that to prove your manliness.
  • Have experiences together. People in China like to try new things and are open to adventures. The more new places you visit and the more bright impressions you get together, the stronger your relationship will be.
  • Gift-giving is a huge part of Chinese culture. If you want to make a gift for your Chinese mail-order bride make sure it’s a bit personal, looks nice and presentable. Don’t present something that you bought at the last minute because it can be perceived as an insult.
  • A man is the one who pays. It’s common for Western cultures not to put all of the financial burdens on one partner so most couples acknowledge that it’s fair to split the bills. That’s not quite the case in China.  Chinese girls appreciate being kind of doted on. Chinese girls for marriage expect a man will pay all the bills and give a lot of gifts.
  • Learn Chinese (at least on a basic level) and take an interest in the culture of the country. It will help you to win attention, trust, and respect for Chinese ladies.
It is important to mention that the dating timeline is rather short in China. It’s a generalization but usually, Chinese girls expect you will be dating a maximum 1-2 years before marriage. Be prepared to more sense of urgency on getting married when you look for Chinese girls or marriage.

Chinese Women For Marriage – Something You Should Know

An average single woman in China often suffers from social pressure. If she is 28 and isn’t married parents often send her on blind dates and try to make an arranged marriage happen. For that reason, there are many Chinese mail order brides who want to escape that situation and hope not to become a victim of forced marriage.  Usually, western men are surprised by girls from China who start talking about marriage too soon. But if you know the things mentioned above, this desire to get married earlier doesn’t seem so weird. Another big difference between Chinese mail order brides and western brides is girls from China put family above all else. It happens rather often that Chinese parents expect their children to look after them first and only then do some things for own joy. And adult women here do put the family in front of themselves and personal relationships. If the children don’t visit parents in their hometown during holidays or a certain amount of times a year the government of China can even find those children and force them to go and visit old parents.  You should know that family is entrenched in the law and peoples’ minds in China.

Chinese Mail-Order Brides – A Mix Of Past And Modern Traditions

All single women in China can be roughly divided into two large groups – traditional and modern ones. Traditional Chinese mail-order brides are family-oriented and dream about the marriage, own family, and kids from a young age. They usually aren’t interested in meeting foreigners unless they are divorced or have trouble with their parents. These women respect traditional gender roles and a family unit means a world to them. Modern girls are more open-minded and have more relaxed views. They mainly live in big cities like Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, etc. These girls are well-educated, ambitious, and often want to marry because of love, not because of their parents’ plan. And they want to live in a society free of gender stereotypes and social pressure. If you are a foreigner looking for Chinese women for marriage, put your mind to that kind of woman. They are interested in getting married to a foreign man because it means getting freedom from patriarchal rules.


Chinese wives are known as caring, loving, and supportive ones. But a few men are able to pass all the tests on the road to happiness. The stumbling block to a successful relationship between a Chinese girl and a foreigner is often a girl’s family. If you are ready to care for her relatives and get used to some cultural differences, then you can be lucky enough to get a Chinese wife. Online dating is a good option for getting acquainted with the Chinese because they actually use texting a lot before real meetings and there are lots of women on the dating sites who are really interested in getting married to a foreigner. Girls in China are direct and results-oriented. For that reason, you should be ready for questions about your background and financial capabilities. For most Chinese singles marrying a foreigner is a chance for a healthy relationship. They look for love in the first place and want to be happily married. If your goals match doesn’t hesitate and makes the first step towards a dream.