Indonesian Brides

When it comes to serious relationships and marriage most men prefer kind, caring and pretty women who are mature enough to start a family. Indonesian mail order brides meet all those expectations. They are raised in a patriarchal culture, where respect for a man is total and unflinching. On average, Indonesian families are big and include parents, grandparents, and many siblings. For that reason, girls know from a young age how to care about relatives and prepare to be good mothers and wives by learning household skills. On the other hand, many Indonesian women are eager to get an education and job with the future. As a result, they become quick-witted interesting interlocutors and financially independent ladies. This type of Indonesian mail order brides combines advantages of traditional upbringing with a wide outlook and open-mindedness. Precisely those ladies are the ones who most often register on dating sites and want to date foreigners. They look for safety, love, and a better life with foreign husbands. Read on to find out more about their desires, habits, and also tips which help to attract Indonesian women.

Indonesian Women Are Active And Sociable

Beautiful Indonesian women are known for their cheerful disposition. They like to spend time with friends chatting and cooking. Clubbing isn’t their thing but they still love other social gatherings such as family parties, birthdays, celebrating national holidays, etc. Indonesian women’s love for dancing and karaoke is so big that it can be a matter for a separate talk. Broadly, local girls are emotional and have strong communicative skills. It’s easy for them to make some new friends and adapt to new conditions. For that cause, they can quickly accustom to the culture of a foreign country and you shouldn’t worry that she would feel lost if you decide to move abroad together. Obviously, she needs your support but the thing is Indonesian brides are more adaptable, high-spirited, and strong-willed than you might think.

How Do Indonesian Girls Look?

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Also, there are many different ethnic groups in the country. That facts influence many areas of women’s life including the way they look. Many ladies wear hijabs.  It’s important to note that if you want to get acquainted with a girl on the street it’s recommended to approach the ones who don’t wear a headscarf. Because these ladies are likely not conservative and apparently are open for dating foreigners. Being light-skinned and having a small delicate face is considered to be an ideal beauty standard in Indonesia. Most girls have a fair complexion, round big eyes, small noses, and long straight black hair. They usually wear light natural makeup to make their lashes and eyebrows look brighter. Although their special feature is an amazing smile which makes them look more attractive. Indonesian women know about the charming power of their smiles and use it rather often. Pretty Indonesian girls care for their bodies to be proportional and fit. For that reason, they are fond of yoga, fitness, and other kinds of sports. Many foreign men agree that dating an Indonesian girl is like dating a princess or some magical being. So beautiful, charming, and kind she is. Men around you will apparently be jealous you have such a pretty and caring girlfriend.

Why Do Indonesian Mail-Order Brides Want To Date Foreigners?

Many foreigners still think money is the only thing Indonesian singles look for in a relationship. In fact, their minds are on other things. Despite modern globalization processes, improved education, and advances in technology the status of women in Indonesian society isn’t strong enough. Many girls become victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Social pressure is also a problem. If some cases of abuse happen a woman is the one to blame.  That’s why it’s not surprising women from Indonesia look forward to dating foreigners. Indonesian mail-order brides see a foreigner as a kind and decent man who treats women well and respects them. These features are important for Indonesian girls when it goes about finding men or relationships. They look forward to living in a more free and safe society which does not represent a threat to them. The locals also see foreigners as more romantic compared to men from Indonesia, and it also attracts ladies. Even a small gift and warm words from a man can make an Indonesian girl’s heart beat faster. Moreover, a healthy way of life is important. Indonesian woman is proud only by that simple thing that her boyfriend or husband doesn’t smoke and drink alcohol.

Where To Meet Indonesian Women For Marriage?

Online dating is a good way for meeting women for marriage and here are facts proving it:
  • Trying to find a bride in Indonesia is like walking in the dark. You can’t know exactly what girl’s relationship goals, life principles, religious views are when you meet her on the street. On the contrary, a profile on dating sites can tell you about a person’s interests and the things she wants from a relationship.
  • Many sites provide users with additional options with the help of which a member of the community can search for a woman using specific filters, choose recommended girls from match lists, and send gifts and express his feelings for the Indonesian bride.
  • It’s not expensive and rather comfortable to get acquainted online. It doesn’t take a huge effort to write a message to the girl you like, send a wink or leave a comment under her picture. Online talks are going in an entertaining and relaxed way.
  • Indonesian mail order brides registered on dating sites are usually open-minded and ready for serious relationships with foreigners. The majority of them are pretty active and answers messages quickly.
To achieve the success you should choose a legit and reliable dating site, aka Indonesian wife finder. Make sure the site has clear policies and guarantees before you sign up. On more useful advice is to choose a dating site which is specializing in Asian, in particular Indonesian brides. On such platforms, there are more women than men which increases chances for meeting love online. Upload a professional profile picture and don’t be afraid to give ladies compliments. Also, take your time to fill in your profile. This step is rather simple but that will really help you to stand out of the crowd and win Indonesian mail order brides attention.

Indonesian Girls For Marriage – Something You Should Know

Indonesian culture implies a man to be ahead of the family and a breadwinner. Even if your Indonesian mail order bride is a modern and open-minded girl culture, the society she was raised in and upbringing are powerful things. Man is perceived as a leader in all areas, including the financial one. For that reason, your girlfriend likely would expect you to provide financial and material support. Social status, presentable appearance, and good stable income will help you to have the respect of your Indonesian mail order bride’s family. Nevertheless, trying to impress your girlfriend only with money is a big mistake. She definitely doesn’t want to feel like a thing for sale which can be bought. To win her affection and respect a man has to be kind, considerate, and caring.

Indonesian Wives Know How To Live As A Family

Indonesian mail-order brides don’t have experience of intimate relations with men before marriage but it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to live as one strong family. Girls in Indonesia learn how to care for relatives from a young age. They look after their siblings, care for parents and grandparents. Cooking, housekeeping, cleaning, sewing, baking, crafts are the part of a girl’s upbringing in traditional Indonesian families. No wonder Indonesian women make good wives. An average western man will be impressed by Indonesians’ skills and willing to make his life more comfortable. By and large, the Indonesian wife is satisfied with her role of hostess and enjoys housekeeping routine. If you give a house to this woman you will get a cozy home because for many Indonesians caring is the simplest way to express love without further ado.

Tips On Dating Indonesian Women

On the whole, Indonesian mail-order brides are not comfortable about making decisions. A man has to learn how to lead a lady confidently and mildly at the same time. For example, choosing a place for the first date you can ask your lady what food she likes, but the choice of the restaurant is yours. By the way, a mall is also a good place for getting acquainted or even going for a date.
  • Don’t try to show your affection in public, especially if it’s your first date with the Indonesian mail order bride. Indonesia is a Muslim traditional country and you should respect its culture. Even an attempt to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public can be embarrassing for her. Save all gestures of affection for our one on one time at your place. Otherwise, you just get into trouble.
  • Most women in Indonesia still live with their parents and have a curfew. Don’t be surprised if your 25 years old date would say her mom waits for her home for bedtimes. Respect that or parents of your Indonesian bride may just not let her out of the house next time.
As it was mentioned before, dating in Indonesia is all about a man’s leading role. An average girl from Indonesia wants a man to make decisions. It doesn’t mean she is a submissive pushover but Indonesian girl likely wants to feel safe close to her boyfriend.
  • Take interest in her culture and impress your Indonesian girlfriend with a few phrases in her mother tongue. Beautiful Indonesian women are also smart, they don’t expect their foreign boyfriends to know everything about Indonesian culture. Conversely, they understand Indonesian traditions may seem unusual and protect you from possible stress. But the thing is showing your girlfriend your interest in her native culture means you respect her descent and identity. She will appreciate it.
  • Avoid the questions and talks about ex-lovers. Many traditional girls in Indonesia don’t have serious relationships till marriage and your questions about previous lovers may seem offensive or her. Also, an average single woman in Indonesia doesn’t want to know about your ex-girlfriends. She wants to be the one for you.
  • Don’t be nasty. Indonesian mail-order brides oftentimes are aware of foreigners who want intimate relations on first dates. If you try to bring it in a talk on the first date, you probably scare her and won’t see your girlfriend again. It’s important to mention that casual hook-ups are frowned upon in Indonesia. Moreover, for many young Indonesians, the idea of skipping dating and heading straight into marriage appears to become more commonly practiced.
  • Meet the parents of a girl if you want to make her your bride. Meeting parents in Indonesia is a big deal and it has meaning behind it. It’s not just casual acquaintance as it is in the West. If you step into the parents’ house Indonesians think you are going to make that girl your Indonesian wife.


Indonesian mail-order brides are in demand because of their beauty, short tempers, and traditional views concerning the role of a woman. One of the appropriate ways of meeting a beautiful and loyal girlfriend is online dating. Begin your acquaintance with meaningful conversation, make it clear you want a serious relationship, and you will interest the Indonesian girl. Despite what was said before, a relationship with the Indonesian mail-order bride is not a one-way ticket to the fairy-tale. A foreigner has to work on things just like in a relationship with any other girl. But basically there are high chances for building a strong and happy family with a kind and family-oriented Indonesian woman. Be ready to make compromises, lead your lady mildly and confidently, don’t take her love for granted, and you will succeed.