Japanese Brides

Japanese women seem mysterious at first glance. There is a big chance that a secret of Japanese charm is a combination of contrary traits of their character. These ladies are brought up to be patient, loyal, and responsible about the decisions they make. They do have a strong will, a backbone that makes them resolute under any life circumstances. But at the same time, Japanese women are fragile and delicate, very feminine and graceful. They manage to maintain a balance between decisiveness and vulnerability that touches men’s hearts and inspire them to be protective.

Japanese are considered to be good women for marriage because they respect a man, always support him emotionally, give enough personal space and care. They also make good mothers and adore their kids. You won’t worry about a healthy diet or making your home cozy because your Japanese wife knows how to deal with it.

Why Are Japanese Mail-Order Brides Interested In Foreigners?

Many girls were brought up in foreign-influenced families in Japan and are open to date foreigners. Also, a lot of ladies in Japan find Western men attractive because of their big eyes, expressive facial features, and open-mindedness. They think foreigners are stylish, treat women well, are friendly, and show affection more than Japanese men. For that reason, Western guys might have good chances of winning Japanese girls’ attention.

Japanese women often say local men have lack of activeness. When an average man sees a cute girl on the street and likes her he won’t approach her or ask her for a date. Many Japanese mail order brides looking for confident, independent, and adventurous men, who are able to make important decisions and live life to the fullest. Read on to know more about preferences, special traits of character, temperament, needs, and interests of women from Japan.

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What Worries Japanese Ladies About Dating Foreigners?

The worries Japanese girls for marriage might have about Western guys are as follows:

  • A cultural gap. What a woman thinks is normal can be different from what a Western guy thinks is normal. Also, religion is a big deal for many Japanese people. They may be willing to know more about Christianity or any other religion but it doesn’t mean they are ready to convert to it.
  • Different values and habits. For example, beautiful Japanese women care about punctuality, table manners, etc. And western people aren’t that scrupulous in this regard.
  • Language barrier. Despite the fact that most Japanese women are well-educated they feel anxious if they have to speak English. Show her you are tolerant of the language skills to make your girlfriend calm.
  • A violation of personal boundaries. Women in Japan are used to kind and soft attitude, they usually don’t like an imposition and macho style of the courtship.  An average Japanese woman won’t appreciate it if you stand and speak too close to her.

With a view of all worries mentioned above, you have more chances to win the heart of your Japanese mail order bride. If both of you are open-minded about the differences and are willing to meet halfway a relationship would work. Try to align with her culture, act polite, and make all her worries go away.

Tips On Dating Japanese Women

There are no magic strategies to make every woman happy because each lady is unique. Nevertheless, here are a few common tips that can help you to attract Japanese singles.

  • Be proactive in romance. Typically, Japanese women don’t make the first steps. They wait for you to be active, lead, and show your affection. It doesn’t mean you should be aggressive. Even little gestures like opening a door before a girl, helping to putt off a jacket, or move the chair for a lady mean a lot in Japan.
  • Be sweet and kind, know more about her before any body contact. Japanese people respect personal space and allow others to enter it only if a man becomes closer on a mental level. An average Japanese mail order bride can be shy and uncomfortable about one-to-one communication. Don’t be surprised if your first date will be a group meeting with her friends. At the very beginning you have to communicate, and only then expect touches and all the rest. This is how it works.
  • Try to look neat and demonstrate cleanliness. In Japan, it’s really next to godliness. For example, a woman who was born and brought up in Japan won’t like you walking in your shoes in her house or wearing dirty wrinkled clothes.
  • Be loyal and honest. No cheating and flirting with every other girl required. Also, Japanese mail-order brides are always serious about romantic relationships. They date men to marry them in the future and start own family.
  • Solve problems through talking. There is a lot of guessing in the typical Japanese relationship between a man and a woman. A lady wants her boyfriend to guess her thoughts and wishes. It’s not always possible and the key is learning to discuss all things openly.  Don’t expect your Japanese mail order bride would align with your way of thinking every time. You should care for her opinion and be prepared to compromise.
  • Respect her culture. There can be things in Japanese culture that seem weird to you but you always should show your respect and be ready to accept things the way they are.
  • Japanese mail order brides pay attention to your relationship with the family. Many of them think that if a man is not nice to his parents it’s likely he won’t be kind to his woman either.
  • Try to keep a balance between being strong and not being pushy. Girls here really prefer men with a strong body and will but you have to cut her some slack. A harsh and dominant alpha man’s behavior can scare her.
  • Be careful with alcohol. The problem of alcoholism is a relevant issue in Japan. Many local men drink too much and it is one of the reasons why women prefer foreigners. If you don’t want to disappoint and lose your Japanese mail order bride to avoid alcoholic beverages.

Where To Meet Japanese Women For Marriage?

If you don’t have a budget for a trip to Japan or just prefer knowing people before meeting them try online dating. Modern dating platforms offer an opportunity to talk to many single girls living in Japan. One of the dating sites’ big advantages is a user can choose a single woman with certain relationship goals. Also, girls’ profiles often contain a lot of information about the person, which increases your chance to start a meaningful conversation.

Many Japanese mail-order brides agree that friendship is a good basis for a romantic relationship. For that reason texting on a dating site seems to be an appropriate method for building that basis and winning the girl’s affection. Websites with sophisticated matchmaking process and options for the flirt like winks and sending gifts are well suited for connection with a Japanese girlfriend. Also, make sure the site you’ve chosen is legit and offers all the services you need before you sign up.

How would Japanese Women Like To Be Approached?

If you don’t think a dating site is a good Japanese wife finder and rely only on yourself here is some advice on how would women like to be approached.  Most Japanese women won’t like to be approached in the street. These girls are rather shy and prefer museums, restaurants, or coffee shops as places for getting acquainted. If a man seems to be hitting on every girl around the place, pretty Japanese girls won’t like it. They want to be special and feel they are one and the only for their boyfriends.

Many single girls prefer to start as friends and then fall in love. It’s good if you have Japanese friends and can get acquainted with a girl through them. Haven’t any foreign friends? Don’t worry.  If there is something interesting to talk about and with a good conversation your acquaintance might work.

How Does A Typical Japanese Mail Order Bride Look Like?

Japanese girls have their own specific charm and attract men with their well-shaped figures, delicate facial features, and flawless skin. The last factor doesn’t come from anywhere. Women from Japan know all about managing the skin at any age. They maintain a healthy diet, do sports, use different skincare products, and prefer a minimum of make-up.

Many foreigners describe Japanese mail order brides as extremely feminine and graceful. Women mainly wear skirts, dresses and high heels. They also have a feminine manner to laugh, move, and talk with a calm mild voice, which can work as some kind of love enchantment on foreign men. Ladies in Japan don’t show too much skin and prefer the conservative style of clothes.

Surely, every woman is an individual but the majority of men agree that Japanese women look very cute, sweet, and modest.  They have warm hearts, mature minds, always look pure and feminine.

Japanese Mail Order Brides – What Makes Them Good Wives And Mothers?

Western men’s reviews on marriage with Japanese brides prove that these girls make good wives and mothers. First of all, they are supportive. A woman raised in Japan knows what true partnership is. She will give you emotional support if you are tired or upset, help you financially if she has such a possibility. You may rely on her in any difficult situation but she expects you also will be there for her.

Japanese wives are respectful and caring. They treat husbands with respect and have a sense of duty. Cheating is untypical for Japanese women. They respect their own choice and decision to marry the man and stay loyal in a relationship. These ladies take an interest in all spheres of your life and worry about you. You won’t starve or fell a lack of care and attention if you are married to a Japanese woman.

She can sacrifice her career and give up her time to be close to her family. This feature is one of the main reasons why Japanese mail order brides are so good for marriage. They also have a family-oriented set of priorities including kindness, altruism, patience, and hard work.

Japanese Mail-Order Brides Are Decisive And Independent

One may think that the decisiveness and freedom-loving behavior of a wife is incompatible with a good marriage. Japanese mail-order brides apparently prove otherwise. These women don’t like playing games if they decided something they go to the end and achieve their purpose. Japanese ladies are brought up to be hardworking and respect the personal space of other people.

What does all mentioned above mean when it goes about marriage? If a Japanese wife decides to build a healthy relationship and transform it into a happy marriage, she reaches that goal because she is ready to dedicate her life to it. She succeeds in her job tasks and household work, gives you enough freedom and opportunity to have alone time when you need it, supports you by being a good reliable partner. She is both your beautiful loving wife and loyal friend.


Japanese girls for marriage are in demand among foreigners. And it doesn’t surprise, in fact, you can hardly find such caring, loyal and responsible women in any other country. Many Japanese ladies look forward to dating foreigners but at the same time worry about the cultural gap and potential misunderstandings. A prerequisite for success is a mutual desire of partners to find a compromise and make a relationship work. You can meet your love online using dating sites or just go to Japan and find your soulmate there.

Be polite, a bit assertive, honest, and show respect for her culture and family. That will help you to win the affection of your Japanese mail order bride.