Slovenian Mail-Order Brides

Nowadays many people use matrimonial services to find love. While noticing Slovenian mail order brides, foreign men often confuse them with Slovakians, but these are two different countries, that are not even neighbors. The Republic of Slovenia is a small country with the same small population in Central Europe. Only its tiny part has access to the Gulf of Trieste, but seaside cities are very developed and foreigners often visit it. In other parts, you can find many rivers, lakes, forests, and lakes where Slovenians spend their free time.

Where to Meet Slovenian Singles?

Many foreigners are excited about Slovenian women for marriage, however, they do not know where actually find them. With the development of the online matching industry in recent years, it is much easier not to be single. Therefore, you can choose the way you want to look for your future wife.

Online Dating Sites

These dating platforms have become popular due to their simplicity of use. You just need to sign up, create your profile and start searching your love. Due to the popularity of the specific app, you can browse profiles of many girls, communicate with them and develop some relationships on distance. Alternatively, if you are not far away from each other, you can go on a real date. However, in order to use these websites, you need to get a subscription plan to use all features for communication. In addition, not everyone there is looking for serious relationships.

Matrimonial Services

With a great development of the online matching industry, it is much easier not to be single and start your own family. Matrimonial services specialize in matching people for serious relationships. At their agencies, you may find databases of Slovenian girls for marriage. You simply need to create your own profile in order to find someone who will match your preferences. It may take some time, but you receive more chances of finding a person with the same life values as yours.


It is a classical way to encounter a single woman outdoors for marriage. Slovenians are very open and communicative. If they are no in a hurry, then you can easily approach them. It can be at supermarkets, streets, pubs, bookstores, groceries, cafes, etc. literally just everywhere. With this way of finding a Slovenian mail order bride, you encounter one disadvantage. You need to go to Slovenia. Their population is not so large and with some conservative traits, they do not travel often.

Why Do Slovenian Girls Prefer Foreign Men?

When a person starts to use matrimonial services to find someone from abroad, then something should encourage them. The main reason for Slovenian mail order brides is local men. They are less initiative and conservative. In addition, drinking is widespread what is not very appealing for women. Matrimonial agencies help them to find some foreign men who have different views and values.

Natural Beauty of Slovenian Brides

It is true that clients of matrimonial services firstly pay attention to the appearance of the person. When they are choosing someone from the database, they do not miss Slovenian mail order brides. In the beginning, you notice their beautiful long legs. These girls are higher than average, but it still possible to find some short beauties. With a slim figure and proportional body, they are just gorgeous. Speaking about hair color it can be a natural brunette, blonde or dark. Skin complexion is white, but due to frequent visits to the seaside, most of the beautiful Slovenian women have a light tan. Moreover, their ancestors are Slavs, genes of which manifest in the most attractive way.


Almost in all profiles of Slovenian mail-order brides from matrimonial services, you can notice hiking. Slovenia is rather a small country. As everything is located very close people often spend time outdoors, and go to the mountains. As a result, everyone likes going hiking. Another side of their beauty is that they wake up very early and go jogging. Therefore, not every Slovenian bride visits gym, but remains fit.

Common Character Traits of Slovenian Mail-Order Brides

Different matrimonial agencies and online dating sites are good Slovenian wife finder tools. However, when it comes to actual relationships, you should pay more attention to personality than to profile photos. Therefore, you can find a review of their common character traits. It is true that every person is different, but living in a specific cultural and social environment develops specific features that manifest in many residents.

Family Values

When you start using matrimonial services to find someone for serious relationships, it also means starting a family together. Many matrimonial agencies will confirm that Slovenian mail order brides are perfect future wives. In relationships, they are very supportive and caring. Even just by living in a civil marriage, you will be able to notice that your Slovenian wife takes care of all responsibilities at home. Still, she would not mind if you could help her with something that requires heavy labor force.

Among family values, you should know about attitude to children. In Slovenian society, kids are very loved and respected. It especially concerns pregnant women. Everyone around would like to help in a different way.

Another part that foreign men will have to face with Slovenian mail order bride is her family. The connection between family members is very strong. By marrying a Slovenian girl, you will need to get approval from her parents. Even the wedding ceremony may require you to prove that you are a decent person to marry a Slovenian woman and follow some traditions and customs.


While checking profiles of Slovenian mail-order brides it will be difficult not to notice, how smart they are. With a nice educational system, women can receive equal knowledge and then start a career. The most important part is that they are polyglots. Slovenia is a small country, it has good connections with neighbors and knowing foreign languages are essential. All of them know Croatian it is very similar, but since the primary, they start to learn English as a second foreign language. Then their third one becomes German, Spanish, French, Italian and others. As a result, after graduating from university, Slovenian mail order bride can speak multiple languages. It is one of the other reasons, why foreign men try to find these girls in databases of matrimonial services. By having a common language for communication, there are fewer obstacles in a proper understanding of each other, which is important for strong relationships.


Most foreigners who use matrimonial services to find a future wife are interested in honesty as a character trait of a woman. In order to develop proper and strong relationships, you should be honest with your partner. Speaking about Slovenian mail-order brides they are honest, and sometimes too much. It is common for them to say everything that is on their mind and honest opinion. If you have a new haircut, which does not suit you, they will tell you that directly without trying to be nice. Thus, in marriage with one of them, you will be able to always know what she thinks about you.


At databases of matrimonial agencies, you can find very different girls, but Slovenian mail-order brides, may continue to surprise you. From their profiles, you can figure out that they are envy. This may manifest in two main ways. With the first one, it is positive, that motivates other people to improve themselves. Slovenians like to say the phrase “you are worthy of my envy”, which is a great compliment. The second one is about gossips. They want to know about everything and everyone around them. Moreover, you have to match friends, neighbors, and other people, in various aspects.


Another important filed, which you should check in profiles of girls from matrimonial services is religion. Most Slovenians are Christians with the domination of the Catholic Church. They are not strict believers, but many customs and traditions are combined with religion. Thus, in relationships with a Slovenian mail order bride, it may not be an issue. They are tolerant to other professions and there are minorities of Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. Somewhat bigger part make up agnostics and atheists.


Slovenians are very casual. Society does not really care about how you look. If you are invited to a party, you may worry less about what to wear. Therefore, you can encounter girls in their convenient and nice outfits without tons of makeup.


With their friendly nature, it is not difficult to approach them. Moreover, as Slovenian women do not travel a lot, it is always interesting for them to talk with some foreigners. By talking to one of them you may be invited to go out together, where you will encounter even more people and make new friends.


It may be not common to find “communicative” among other character traits, but it is about Slovenian mail-order brides. If they have enough time, on a simple question “How are you?” you will not receive typical American short answers. They will tell everything that has happened to them in recent days. As communication plays a very important role in relationships, with your future Slovenian wife you will be able to discuss different questions. You may need some time to get used to this if it is not very common in your culture.


As another part of communicativeness, you will not have many conflicts with a Slovenian bride. Most quarrels between husband and wife derive from a lack of proper communication. As these people prefer to talk about everything, you will not have many severe quarrels that may ruin your relationships. In addition, it can be said that they are optimistic and prefer to see good sides in everything. Therefore, it may be important for you to change attitude to situations in your life.


By checking profiles at matrimonial services, you may be surprised to see conservativeness together with communicativeness. The Republic of Slovenia does not have a large population and people do not travel abroad. As they live in small towns, they can be somewhat conservative. However, it does not last long. After approaching a Slovenian mail order bride and having a small talk you will become nice friends.

Tips on Dating Slovenian Women

Matrimonial services with online dating sites allow you to check many databases of profiles. However, when it comes to actual dating with Slovenian mail order bride you can rely only on yourself. In order to help you to get Slovenian wife, you should check out these dating tips.

Prefer Wine

Slovenia is close enough to Italy and in general, has warmer seasons. It encourages them to grow grapes and drink wine. Other drinks also popular, but at pubs, they would rather order some wine.

Meet for Coffee

One of the best ways to approach a Slovenian single girl is to offer a cup of coffee. Slovenians like it very much, especially while talking with someone. In most cases, you will not start the conversation until you order a cup of coffee.

Bring Gifts

Dating culture is important and it is something you cannot find at matrimonial agencies or online dating sites. When you are invited to a party, dinner or a simple visit, it is important to bring a gift but not obligatory. Hosts will not have bad thoughts about you. Nevertheless, if you want to impress them and it is better to bring something. For a date, it can be a bouquet of flowers.

To Sum Up

Different services like matrimonial agencies and online dating apps, just help to find a decent person according to your preferences. Whether you will be able to develop relationships and transform them into marriage depends on you. There are not so many Slovenian mail order brides, but it is still possible to find love among them.