Thailand Brides

Thailand women are known as feminine, good-looking, and family-oriented but it’s a too common description of their appearance and personalities. It needs to know a lot about their culture and mentality to really understand the nature and desires of Thailand mail order brides. There are many important details a foreigner should know to attract a Thai girl.

The difference between Western and Thailand traditions, values, and cultures is huge. Before finding a beautiful Thai girl and making contact with her one has to keep in mind that cross-cultural relationship is always a challenge for both partners. Read on to find out why many foreigners think Thailand beauties are worth completing any challenges.

Why Are Thailand Mail-Order Brides In Demand?

Foreign men have many reasons to date Thailand girls.  First of all, they are genuine, have strong family values, and are willing to support a man who takes care of them. These things can seem simple and common but in reality, it’s what many foreign men miss in their home countries. Have worries that your Thailand mail order bride is not intelligent enough? Don’t worry because there are a lot of educated middle-class college girls or office workers in Thailand who have good English skills and look forward to dating foreigners. These girls will not bore you because they are deep interesting persons and can talk for hours on different subjects.

On average, a single woman in Thailand cares for her beauty and looks very feminine. She wears long hair, has a slim figure, and wears dresses. Another important reason why foreign men are attracted by Thailand brides is that local ladies are extremely nurturing. They take care of their boyfriends, value a relationship, and make sure you feel comfortable near them.

Common Features Of External Appearance

Traditional Thailand woman has long silky hair and smooth skin of beautiful exotic shade. She wears dresses, blouses, and skirts and tends to look elegant and feminine wherever she goes. Is that a classy style or just natural grace of Thai women but foreign men find local ladies’ looks stylish and inspiring. One more important quality of Thailand lady is clubbing and drinking isn’t her thing. That’s why most Thailand women for marriage have a good state of health and look younger their age.

It’s interesting that many representatives of Thailand have won international beauty contests. Apparently, it’s not just a simple coincidence. On average, local ladies aren’t high and have delicate slim figures which makes them even more feminine and attractive for men. Thai women’s deep brown eyes seem to have some magical power to charm foreigners. Many men find these ladies extremely graceful, sexy, and alluring.

Thailand Mail Order Brides Have Strong Connections  With Their Families

Unlike women in Western countries, beautiful Thailand women don’t rush to leave their parents’ houses and live in own places. Young ladies prefer to stay under the father’s protection and feel a family unity until they get married and start own family. Apparently, this thing hides the reason why Thai women are family-oriented and value relationships in a marriage on the whole other level. They are brought up this way and don’t wish any other thing for themselves as a strong and happy family.

Respect is an important part of Thailand’s culture, especially when it goes about members of a family. Be sure, local women will give you enough respect in a relationship. They accept your decisions, respect your personal boundaries, and love you for who you are. If you decide to marry one of the Thai girls you likely would need her parents’ approval.  Don’t be scared because it’s not hard to do for men with pure intentions and stable jobs. And after all, you will be treated as a son in your wife’s family.

Thai Women Make Good Wives

Thailand’s wives are known as affectionate, loyal, and entirely devoted to their husbands. They are proud of every good character trait of their men and don’t hesitate to say warm words and compliments. By and large, these ladies are not lazy and like to do household chores. That’s right. They don’t keep the house comfortable and clean just because they have to. Your Thailand wife enjoys a housewife and is happy with this role. She accepts traditional gender roles with joy and she definitely is not focused on climbing a career ladder and gender equality.

An average Thai woman is a good cook. Don’t forget praising her culinary delights and she will amaze you more and more every day. Thailand mail-order brides make good mothers because they know how to raise a child the right way. Thai woman is a loving and super caring mother who gives everything needed to kids and puts their needs in front of hers.

Where To Meet Thailand Women For Marriage?

There are few traps naive foreigners can fall into trying to approach women in Thailand. The thing is a beautiful woman may turn out to be a lady-boy or a semi-professional who works in the bar and sleeps with men for money. To stay out of trouble use legit and reliable dating sites. There are high chances of meeting your love online if you know what you want and take action.

  • Thailand girls for marriage usually join dating platforms in order to get acquainted with foreigners. They look for mature men who can appreciate feminine family-oriented ladies and are not going to play games. Knowing about a woman’s relationship goals is a huge advantage and dating sites can give you that.
  • Most dating tools ask users many questions about preferences and interests during the registration process. Take your time and answer all questionnaires carefully. This is how you create the base, using which compatibility system finds your compatible matches.
  • Thailand mail order brides’ profiles contain detailed information. Offline acquaintances lose here because a user can know a lot about the person before making a contact. This also increases the chances of starting a good conversation.

If you still don’t believe in online dating and want to be your own Thailand wife finder, go to the country of your dreams and try your luck. The main dating hack or those brave men who want to meet their love offline is to care for outward appearance, especially clothing style.

Thai ladies aren’t very outspoken and care about what other people think of them. For that reason, the more you can present a good image with your cloth and manners the easier it will be for you to date Thailand singles. It’s also useful to know at least a few phrases in the Thai language because girls can be shy at first and freeze when foreigner starts to talk to them in English.

Myths About Thai Women

The only negative thing about Thailand mail order brides is this word combination became mythologized by Western people. Let’s debunk common stereotypes about Thai women.

  • They are gold diggers. Not all girls in Thailand are poor and hungry for money. There are many working ladies with good jobs who just want to be treated well by a man. And that’s their main reason for becoming a Thailand mail order bride. If you want to know real reasons why these ladies have a desire to marry foreigners just think of your own motives for finding Asian brides. You’ll find out that reasons are the same for both sides. They like the way foreign men look, how they treat women and want to be with a thankful partner who won’t take love and care for granted.
  • They are interested in casual relationships and promiscuity. This statement may be true for local bar girl but Thailand mail order brides don’t register in dating platforms for one night stands. They surely look for something more and want to build e serious relationship with serious mature men.
  • They are submissive pushovers. Again, not true. Local ladies are not meek and know how to fend for themselves. Many of them are financially independent and strong-willed. They won’t let anyone direct their lives without asking. Moreover, most Thailand mail-order brides expect foreigners to be respectful and mild. It’s what they seek in future husbands because they want to be partners, not submissive slaves.

The cultural gap is too big. Indeed, there are many cultural differences between Thailand and foreign countries. Nevertheless, a cross-cultural relationship can work well enough if both partners want it. Mutual understanding, willingness to compromise, sincerity, and love can do wonders.

Tips On Dating Thailand Brides

Respect her culture and learn at least the simplest things.  For example, how to do the “Wai”, traditional Thailand greeting. Your efforts will be appreciated.

  • The feet are considered low and dirty parts of the body and it has an appropriate symbolic meaning. Raising your feet higher than someone’s head or simply putting your feet on a chair is extremely rude in Thailand. Don’t show the bottom of your feet to anyone in this country, especially to your Thailand mail order bride. It’s equivalent to showing someone a middle finger.
  • Avoid touching your girlfriend’s hair and head on the first date. In contrast to the feet, the head is a sacred part of the body. And it’s deemed a bad attitude when someone touches another man’s hair. This also includes ruffling a child’s hair.
  • No affection in public. Pretty Thailand girls won’t appreciate it if a man she hardly knows would try to kiss or hug her in a public place. Holding hands is a maximum of intimacy you can allow yourself on the first date.
  • Take off your shoes before entering a home, restaurant, or temple. Don’t be surprised if your Thailand mail order bride asks you to walk around your home barefoot or with slippers on. It’s an old tradition in Thailand. Just accept it.
  • Don’t point at things with your fingers. This gesture is a reminder of bad manners in many countries including Thailand. When you want to draw someone’s attention to a certain object use your hand or just say it with words.
  • Try to keep your voice down. Raising voice is not acceptable if you want to impress Thailand’s bride positively. Especially it’s an important thing if you are in public places. Don’t involve other people in your conflict and don’t lose face no matter how angry you are. Losing your patience in Thailand is the same as losing the reputation, embarrassing yourself and the rest of people around.
  • Smile is a must. Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Friendly people are appreciated here. Also, it helps to keep a date on a fun and easygoing side, which is always good for a first meeting. On the other hand, avoid old trivial jokes about Thailand’s culture, history, or social issues. It’s not an appropriate subject for any humorously or flippantly talks.
  • Going to a restaurant on the first date is a win-win option. The majority of Thailand mail-order brides are foodies and would love to spend the first date over delicious meals. To increase chances for a successful date you can ask your girlfriend what kind of food she likes the most. And then find an appropriate place.


If you are a single man who looks for loyal and loving Thailand mail order bride take a look at modern dating sites. Plenty of Thai ladies look forward to the relationship with reliable foreign men. The chances they want the same things as you are high. Thailand women are kind, feminine, and family-oriented. They value marriage and do their best not to let breakup happen.

An average Thailand bride wants her man to be the same respectful, kind, and responsible as she is. She also appreciates it when a man leads a healthy lifestyle and has decent plans for the future. Give your Thai women all mentioned above and you will get her love back in spades.