Vietnamese Brides

Pretty, traditional, kind, and caring – all these epithets describe Vietnamese mail order brides. It’s possible to talk for hours about their strong will, loyalty, and intelligence. Vietnam may be like a paradise for men who seek women for marriage. Once a Viet woman is your girlfriend she wants more.  These ladies don’t have unrealistic expectations and have the talent to enjoy simple things. They are thankful that a man loves her and cares for her, for respecting and treating her good. Family means a lot to the locals. Oftentimes parents’ approval is needed for a relationship. On average, girls have friendly and open-minded parents who will treat a foreign man well if he has pure intentions. Read on to know more about the inner and external features of Vietnamese brides and tips on dating them.

Tips On Dating Vietnamese Women

The thing is there is even no “dating” concept in Vietnam. If a girl goes for a date she already thinks she is in a serious relationship. Then in her eyes, you just hang out in order to know each other better. In fact, relationships are taken seriously in Vietnam. You may think it’s just a first date and at the same time, a girl thinks this meeting can lead to marriage in the future.
  • Be a leader. Vietnamese mail order brides appreciate it when a man can lead in a mild way, is able to make plans and take initiative. Typical local lady wants a man to make decisions – from small to big ones. Feminism is not a part of dating culture in Vietnam. For that reason, a man can feel free to make compliments, open a door for her, etc. And Vietnamese lady is happy with the role of a fragile woman and supporter for her romantic partner.
  • Pay for the date and her taxi. It won’t cost a fortune because prices are not expensive in Vietnam and for your Vietnamese mail order bride would appreciate such a gesture.
  • Cut back on any alcoholic drinks and tobacco on the first date. The majority of local girls don’t find it attractive because they conduct a healthy way of life. Also, alcohol can relax you too much, and you need to save the face to be desired and attractive for your girl.
  • Family matters. Approval of girl’s parents is highly important so try to put your best foot forward. Be well-mannered and respectful, show that you got a serious thing for your Vietnamese bride.  Then hopefully you will win their respect too and her parents will treat you like a son.
  • Pretty Vietnamese girls don’t hesitate to show their affection. They send a lot of text messages, ask what are you doing and let you know that they think about you. Unlike Western girlfriends these ladies expect men to be active. There is no such thing as over-communication for an average girl from Vietnam. You definitely won’t look cool for them when you ignore them and leave their messages without an answer.
A few words about behavior in public. Forget about both arguments or kisses in front of other people. Typical Vietnamese women aren’t comfortable about showing their feelings to strangers. The good side of it is your Vietnamese bride is protective of the negatives of the relationship. And one more thing. If she wants to hold your hand in public it means she really likes you.

Vietnamese Women Are Strong-Willed

Women who were born and raised in Vietnam have strong will despite that they look tender and fragile. Their life is oftentimes a struggle for a good education than a job with a future and just a normal level of life. For that reason, Viet ladies are really hardworking and they are strong enough to make a living.  This fact also influences personality. Your Vietnamese girlfriend is not willing to give up in the face of adversity. If she decides something she comes through. No difficulties in a relationship can scare her if she loves a man and sees it’s worth it.  Vietnamese mail order bride can adapt to new circumstances in a foreign country and get on with life in any place because she has the backbone to stand up to that.

Vietnamese Girls Are Altruists

This statement is especially true when it goes about the family. They care for the parents more than for themselves. And if you are in a serious relationship with the Vietnamese mail order bride she starts to see you as a part of the family. That suggests she will cook for you, make sure you are taken care of, and do all to make you feel loved. This woman knows how to take care of a man. She asks if she can do something for you or bring you anything and is always there for you to make you feel better. An average Vietnamese mail order bride is not narcissistic. She doesn’t seek for strangers’ attention and cares only for how her boyfriend treats her. She wants to be proud of her man, to please and support him. For that reason, many foreigners say a relationship with Vietnamese is like a fairy-tale.

A Few Words About Physical Features

Beautiful Vietnamese women have more white skin compared to other Asians. A pale skin tone makes a wonderful contrast with black shiny hair and dark eyes. Their figures are amazingly feminine because of delicate constitution and slim waists. Viet women know how to choose cloth right and emphasize their curves. Many ladies wear traditional dresses which makes them look charming. They tend to look elegant and classy. A healthy lifestyle Vietnam mail-order brides lead also contributes to their beauty. By and large, women don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke. Health is the base of beauty and Viet women definitely care for that base to be strong. Usually, local ladies also look younger than their age because of the excellent state of health. Light makeup that Vietnamese girls use makes their natural beauty brighter. They can attract a man by only one glance, smile, or move. These women are very graceful and charm foreigners with their walk.

Respect And Loyalty Are Common Traits In Vietnamese Women

Respect for a man is the thing that comes to Vietnamese mail order brides with their mothers’ milk. They are raised in traditional families where a man is a leader. So it’s not surprising a girl expects the same leadership skills and responsibility from her future husband. They are brought up with Christian values and take religion seriously. An average Vietnamese mail order bride espouses the value of kindness, understanding, ability to accept and love people for who they are, care for others. There are high chances of your girlfriend’s commitment and loyalty because girls are taught they should marry one man for the whole life. Divorce is frowned upon in Vietnam. For that reason, most women try to choose a romantic partner carefully and avoid breakups.

What Do Vietnamese Women Like About Foreigners?

The first thing that comes to men’s minds is often about money. In fact, Vietnamese mail-order brides aren’t gold diggers. They don’t need a lot to be happy in this life. Their reasons to date foreigners lie in completely different areas.  A relationship with a foreigner promises safety, love, freedom, and stability. They want to be free to express themselves, to be treated respectfully by a man, and to feel safe. Unfortunately, the locals oftentimes can’t give to their women those simple things mentioned above. Many women are victims of domestic violence and have to work a lot because their husbands can’t handle the role of a breadwinner.

Vietnamese Girls For Marriage – Something You Should Know

Chatting with Vietnamese girls online is easier than meeting them in restaurants or clubs. So joining a dating site is a good idea for those who want to find Vietnamese women for marriage. On average, these girls are rather shy, they won’t get acquainted with a foreign stranger on the street or in the public place. The majority of singles registered on dating sites prefer to make contact with older men. Why? The reason is women want to find a man to settle down with and they think older men are more appropriate for this purpose. Vietnamese wives have a perfect reputation among foreigners. Many foreign men are happy in marriage with Viet women because these ladies know how to keep the house clean and comfortable, care for a man, and give love.  If you are married to a Vietnamese wife you apparently don’t know what a lack of attention and affection is. On average, women from Vietnam want to start own family and have kids. They don’t need much time to be prepared for the role of a mother because it’s a role they dream about from the youth.

Where To Meet Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides?

If you want to meet a beautiful Vietnamese lady and build a serious relationship with her the appropriate and reliable way is joining a dating website. Traveling to Vietnam without knowing any people there and just approaching girls on the street or in public isn’t a good idea for many reasons. First of all, the local girls are shy. Secondly, Vietnamese singles treat strangers with suspicion, especially when it goes about foreigners. Also, you never know what the person’s background and marital status are when you get acquainted by chance. Finding a legit and safe dating platform and registration on it looks like a more realistic and effective plan. All the more so because there are more women than men on Vietnamese dating sites. From this point of view, a dating site can become a good Vietnamese wife finder. Check the terms of use, privacy policy, and protection technologies used by the website before you sign up. Also, it’s useful to read a few reviews from people who used to be members of the community. It’s important to note that almost all dating sites with Vietnamese mail order brides are paid services. For that reason, a user has to learn everything about premium options before upgrading the account. If your aim is finding a single woman for marriage pay attention to dating platforms with personality tests and sophisticated matchmaking tools. Take your time and fill in your profile. The more you write about your character traits, values, interests, the more your chances for success are. And don’t forget about pics. Contrary to popular belief, not only men but women also get turned on by what they see. Many foreign men worry about the language barrier with Vietnamese mail order brides. You would be glad to know that local women are well-educated. It’s a kind of prestigious thing in Vietnam to be educated. Intelligence means higher social status and better social status here. For that reason, girls aim to get a good education and then a job with the future. They know English more or less and are able to have a conversation on any subject with foreign boyfriends.


Women from Vietnam are known for their exotic beauty, charm, and sweet nature. One of the appropriate ways to meet them is to get acquainted online on a dating site. This way is not only comfortable and reliable but also effective because local ladies are shy and don’t trust foreign strangers approaching the girls on the street. Vietnamese mail-order brides like to meet foreigners online and look forward to marrying one of them.  They think a foreign man can give love, respect, protection, and become a good partner for starting a family. And happy family is their first propriety, life goal, and dream. Loyalty, kindness and selflessly giving of herself are common traits in Vietnamese lady. If you are married to Viet woman your wife will do her best to make a marriage happy and everlasting.