Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Nowadays people more often try to find their love. Among different methods, they use matrimonial agencies where they can find some decent girls. Bulgarian mail-order brides have become quite popular among foreign men. However, not each of them actually knows where Bulgaria is located. This is a nice country on the Balkan Peninsula, which is washed by the Black Sea. Name of Bulgaria that derives from the old Turkic word “to combine”. This country has become a place where different people like Europeans, Asians, and Slavs have combined. Therefore, you can find marvelous people with their traditions, customs, and culture. Finding a Bulgarian mail order bride means that you will spend your life with an interesting, beautiful and special person.

Where & How to Meet Bulgarian Singles?

It is a common question among foreign men as it is always problematic to find a decent Bulgarian mail order bride. You can find several ways how you can actually meet them and each of them has its own features and peculiarities.

Matrimonial agencies

In case you are looking for a Bulgarian wife and less interested in the dating process, you should pay attention to matrimonial agencies. The main purpose of such agencies is to connect two people, who are interested in marriage and mutually match preferences and expectations of each other. After that, these two people should have some dates to see if they can develop further their relationships. In databases of matrimonial agencies, you can find plenty of Bulgarian mail order brides. You can review the portfolio of every single woman in order to choose one and you also create your portfolio, which allows girls to look for you.

Online Dating Sites

As another way to look for a nice Bulgarian mail order bride without leaving your home is to use some online dating sites. They are different from matrimonial agencies as you totally rely on yourself in searching. You have to create a profile and try to start a conversation with Bulgarian brides in order to develop some relationships. Such communication may last for several months before actual steps to meet offline you would make. Therefore, it requires patience and devotion to develop long-standing relationships on distance.

To Meet Outside

The traditional way of meeting a Bulgarian bride is not forbidden. You can just visit this wonderful country and try your luck to meet a girl by yourself. You can approach them on the streets but if they are going somewhere or in a hurry, you will not receive the wanted response. If you want to find a person for serious relationships it is better to approach them in cafes, malls, libraries, and places where beautiful Bulgarian women have some time to spend with you. For casual relationships nightclubs, pubs and bars in the evening are more suitable destinations.

Why Do Bulgarian Mail-Order Brides Use Matrimonial agencies?

Foreign men do not always trust matrimonial service as they consider that Bulgarian women for marriage prefer someone rich. It will be deceiving to say that there no such girls at all. However, there are actual reasons why Bulgarian mail order brides use matrimonial agencies to meet foreigners.

  • Local men. One of the major reasons is that local men do not treat them right. They are less romantic and do not always show their feelings that are inside. For a Bulgarian mail order bride, it is important to know about the inner world of the person. Foreign men are more open and treat them better in terms of sharing feelings, showing interest, paying attention, etc. Therefore, in order to find such big love, many girls use matrimonial agencies.
  • Adventurous. While dating Bulgarian women you can understand their excitement about different adventures. Meeting a foreigner and developing further serious relationships means relocation. Going to a different country involves learning about new cultures and customs traditions. Moreover, what can be more exciting than meeting new people from a different society and learning their language? Matrimonial agencies help to find not only local men but also foreigners what is a great advantage for these Bulgarian girls for marriage.

As you can see, these girls are much more excited about meeting an interesting person rather than money as only when two people are interested in each other, they can reach happiness, which cannot be bought with money.

Everything About Beauty of Pretty Bulgarian Girls

When clients check databases of matrimonial agencies they are quite surprised by the beauty of Bulgarian mail order brides. Some consider them the most beautiful women on the Balkan Peninsula. There are high chances for that to be true as Bulgarians have a wonderful combination of Asian Slavic and European ancestors. That is why you can find a great variety in their appearance. Most of the Bulgarian brides have dark, but still, you can find enough blonde-haired women. They are slim and rather tall due to their long legs. Speaking about skin complexion Bulgarian mail-order brides tend to be of light and fair skin, which tans very well. These are some general features that depend on a person.


Speaking about appearance it is difficult not to pay attention to clothes and dressing styles. Bulgarian brides care about their natural beauty and always ready to highlight their strong sides with a proper dress. For every event, these girls prefer to have different clothes in order not to always look in the same ways. It does not always mean that you will need to wait for a Bulgarian mail order bride too long as she may have specific clothes for dating and being late is not about her.


Another side to always be gorgeous and beautiful is to visit gyms. Fitness, yoga and healthy eating are quite popular in Bulgaria. It allows keeping yourself in the right shape and even helps to prevent some diseases. Meeting such a Bulgarian bride may also help to change your lifestyle in a better way.

Character Traits of Bulgarian Brides

Matrimonial agencies are good Bulgarian wife finder tools as they provide portfolios where you can find information about personality, preferences, hobbies, education, occupation and some photos of the person. However, in order to know what to expect form Bulgarian mail-order brides, it may be wise to learn more about their common character traits. Here are some features of character that are common for many Bulgarian brides, but it is necessary to remember that each person is different.


Many visitors are quite surprised by the hospitality of people when they come to some Slavic countries. It is true that Slavs enjoy hosting guests and they are ready to show their country and culture. It is difficult for foreigners to get lost as local people will always show direction or even go along in order to be sure that a person could definitely get to the needed destination. The same goes for Bulgarians. They will welcome you in their country with great pleasure. Therefore, you should not afraid of approaching them on the streets or at some other places.


Chances that you have found a religious girl are quite half. More than half of residents profess some religion and half of them are Orthodox. There are also many of those who have not declared their attitude or simply non-religious. Another side of that is customs and traditions that originate from Christianity and most people follow them. If you are from a totally different religion it maybe not so difficult as Bulgarian is not very conflictive. They are liberal towards other religions. In addition, not everyone is deep into religion. However, saying something rude and inappropriate will definitely hurt them. That is why you should be careful while discussing this topic.


The education system is in Bulgaria is oriented on providing equal possibilities to gain knowledge for everyone. After compulsory education, many Bulgarian brides go to universities in order to get a higher education, specialization and to be into a professional field of a dream job. Thus, while checking their profiles at matrimonial agencies you may see that many of them have an occupation at a young age. In order to improve their chances of getting a better job, Bulgarian mail-order brides. The most popular is Russian due to the past influence of USSR communism. The older generation has much better speaking skills within this language than youth. The English language is the second most popular foreign language in Bulgaria. Many residents claim that their skills are very good while others still learn and improve their English. As these two languages are quite popular nowadays, it may be not so difficult for foreigners to keep nice conversations with Bulgarian brides.

Family Oriented

Religious traditions always have a strong influence on family values. In Bulgaria, people have traditional family values that are represented in strong connections between members. It is important to respect everyone and do not miss big holidays and celebrations when the whole family gathers. Parents may provide more freedom of choice for their children, but they will never stop worrying about them even after becoming grandparents. Marrying a Bulgarian woman means that you will join her family. If you are a good person, you will not encounter severe obstacles to receive a blessing from parents. Bulgarian weddings can be a classical one in a church or very traditional. The second one includes traditional clothes, plenty of relatives, events, which may not be very common for non-Slavic countries.

Starting a family with a Bulgarian wife is a great pleasure as you can always rely on your dear person. Bulgarian mail order brides are not against the traditional division of responsibilities in the family. You will be able to enjoy delicious dishes and rely on your Bulgarian wife. However, they want to find a man who is ready to support them at home. Many Bulgarian women prefer to work and marriage is not always a reason to leave their careers.


In Bulgaria, women have the same rights for education and occupation as men do. Thus, they want to be independent of their parents and often start to work after graduation from university. While checking their profiles at matrimonial agencies or online dating sites, you will find that they have jobs. In relationships, Bulgarian brides do not want to be a burden, which may even manifest in splitting the bill in restaurants. On another side it allows them to do not seek a person with money, but rather with a kind heart. Therefore, you may worry less that a Bulgarian girl is only interested in your money than your personality.


It is very difficult to find women that are not romantic. Speaking about dating with Bulgarian brides, it is important not to overdo. Gifts are good, but if they are too expensive, it may mean that you just want to buy her. The best prize for them is your honest feelings. Seeing you blushing with a bouquet of flowers will please them better than compliments. Even a simple evening stroll can be a very nice way to spend the date as conversations allow to learn more about each other.


It is always not easy to approach a girl. When it is about Bulgarian girls, there are no reasons to so much as they are open-minded With the hospitable nature of these people, it is easy to improve your network of nice people, friends and even find a nice girl. Speaking with foreigners even more exciting for them as it is not common for them, and they can tell something interesting about other countries and cultures.

To Sum Up

You can find different ways how to find some Bulgarian brides. They are wonderful women, who can become good friends and reliable partners in life. They are quite open-minded and you should not afraid of talking to them.