Russian Mail Order Brides

At some point in their life, most men decide to settle and start thinking about family. This is common in almost every culture, and Western society is no exception. The tricky part of that transition is the choice of a partner, in our case – a wife. If a man who is looking to marry is not currently in a relationship, they might combine their single nature with an adventurous spirit and look for a Russian mail order bride.

What Is a Mail Order Bride?

As a rule, women who register on matrimonial websites with an intention to find a husband are called mail-order brides. Russian mail-order brides, just like brides from other countries, are not for the sale of for order, contrary to what one might assume. Marriage agencies and dating websites simply allow men to search through their database of women’s profiles. The goal of these sites is to help users find a perfect match and someone who will be a good fit to start a family with.

Choosing a Mail-Order Bride Website

When it comes to matrimonial services, there are many things to consider. They come in different types and flavors. You have to know what you are looking for, for example, the ethnicity of the brides. In this example, we will assume that you are looking to marry a Russian mail order bride. After all, this is what the article is about.

Now, before registering an account on the very first mail-order bride site you find online, it is useful to keep some information in mind. For example, western men are usually the target of scammy websites. They can fall prey to unethical practices that attempt to squeeze money out of their pockets. Thus, if you are seeking to find Russian women for marriage, do the research about dating sites first.

Potential Problems With Mail-Order Bride Websites

  • First and foremost, you should be prepared to spend real money. There are barely any matrimonial websites that allow you to interact with Russian brides for free.
  • The next problem people encounter when trying to meet brides of their interest is scammy profiles. There is a plethora of websites that claim to be 100% legit but in fact include deceptive and fake profiles. Their goal is to lure Western men into a manipulative scheme and squeezing as much money as possible – all for nothing.
  • Finally, an important thing to note is the age gap. It is not an overstatement to say that the generational differences have been increasing rapidly, therefore if you expect a 25-year-old Russian mail order bride to share the conservative values that you inherited from your parents, you might be in for a disappointment.

No doubt, there are exceptions to that rule, and young brides are usually more progressive and open in their worldview than their older counterparts. Nevertheless, choose your future Russian wife wisely, or else you as a husband risk to engage in a disappointing and frustrating marriage.

Searching for Russian Mail Order Brides

Payment Type

Users should seek websites that allow you to signup and communicate with brides without limits. This isn’t to say that the features of communication should be free. Instead, look for a fee-based matrimonial service.

Unfortunately, a lot of men make the mistake of using dating sites that charge a fee per each letter. Just imagine chatting with brides having to pay for every message that you send! Not only is it exploitative, is it unlikely to be effective because every time you want to talk to one of the brides you will think about how much it will cost you.

A more reasonable alternative would be to find Russian mail order brides on websites that charge a set fee per month. Usually, matrimonial services of that kind don’t limit your communication with the brides, which is a breath of fresh air.

That way, you can talk to brides and find out everything you are curious about, be it their personality, background, or interests. That is likely to increase the chance of arranging a successful marriage with a Russian mail order bride.

Visual Appearance of a Website

User experience matters a lot. And when the owners of the dating site don’t maintain the service in top-notch condition in accordance with best practices, it is safe to assume that the site is not of the best quality. Meeting and conversing with Russian mail-order brides on such platforms might be either difficult or simply risky.

After all, if the admins of the site don’t care about men who use their service and pay real money, where is the guarantee that they maintain high standards of operation to try to connect you with the best brides and potentially even find a wife?

The Overall Quality of a Mail-Order Bride Service

Finally, we have come to the basic common sense. Regardless if you’re looking to find a marriage opportunity and meet your love or you want to buy kitchen appliances, the way a website presents its content and how it’s written tells you a lot about how trustworthy it is.

For instance, the first tell that a matrimonial site is not reliable is lazy writing that is full of errors. This directly corresponds with our previous point, therefore listen to your gut when picking a platform where you hope to meet your perfect Russian mail order bride.

Russian Mail Order Brides – Beautiful Appearance and Kind Soul

Beautiful Russian women are famous around the world – and for a good reason. The brides from Russia possess an outstanding beauty that is complemented by their rich cultural heritage and a wise approach to life overall. Russian singles make great wives not because of appearance, however.

For most brides, the top priority in life is family. Western men might argue that the same can be said about many Western brides as well, and while technically true, the Russian traditions emphasize the importance of family in a much more profound way than the customs in the West.

On the other hand, Russian mail-order brides are keeping up with the times. When a Russian lady becomes a wife, she isn’t seeking to settle and become a housewife for the rest of her life. While arranging the household affairs and caring for a husband are important, Russian brides understand the importance of balance in life. They are ambitious and progressive, which is sure to make any confident man proud to be calling a Russian woman his wife.

Why Do Russian Mail Order Brides Want to Marry a Foreigner?

Most people are aware that the situation in Russia has been quite unpredictable. The quality of life is not exactly up to European standards (especially for middle- and lower-class brides), and the social benefits are not optimal. Combined with uncertainty and various international conflicts involving the country, it is not difficult to understand why Russian girls for marriage want to get out.

However, some just want to indulge their adventurous spirit and use mail-order bride websites to find a husband from a different culture. The call to exploration pushes them to experiment. On the other hand, other women for marriage are excited to dive into the American lifestyle or start living in a European country.

A Word of Caution

No doubt, some of the brides found on dating sites are likely to have deceptive intentions. There have been instances where a couple got married with the help of a matrimonial service but the lady abandoned her husband upon receiving a green card.

When searching for a good Russian mail-order brides, it is easy to get deceived by the looks or charm. Therefore, it is important to really get to know the brides you talk to on those websites.

Impressively Beautiful Russian Mail-Order Brides

The white-faced princesses of the Russian Empire has set a high standard of appearance, and contemporary Russian mail order brides are, no doubt, continuing the tradition to impress people all over the world with their beauty. Gorgeous, mysterious, special, seductive – these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when you look at pretty Russian girls.

You might be one of those men who have a conviction that, for a wife, the personality is more important than the appearance. And while we definitely agree that happy marriage is an unreachable goal without compatibility in that regard, it would be fooling to ignore the aspect of beauty.

After all, the way your wife looks is a direct manifestation of her inner state of being. A Russian mail order bride might not be the most stunning person in the world, but if she is blooming from the inside, you will not only feel the care, love, and passion as a husband, but you will also be witnessing the consequence of healthy mindset in the way she looks.

Mostly, Russian mail order brides are attractive by nature. Their hair is lush, their skin is appealing, and the eyes are like diamonds. Because most brides from Russia can be viewed as the lucky winners of a genetic lottery dating Russian women is akin to finding a treasure chest. You don’t know what secrets hide underneath, but you are sure to be surprised.

Russian Mail Order Brides Value Family

You might have had relationships and girlfriends in the past who were not very eager to start a family. Many Western brides consider themselves to be free of patriarchal expectations, wanting to lead a limitless life without being confined to a social construct that is family. That line of thinking is unlikely to come from a Russian mail order bride.

The values of brides from Russia who register on matrimonial services are much more likely to align with yours. For most brides, family is not something that limits their freedom, but rather an opportunity to start building a stable future and bring kids to the world. A Russian bride understands that caring for her husband is not a chore but an equivalent to taking care of herself, because the two are inseparable.

Russian traditions hold the family in high regard, and the same goes for Russian mail-order brides. From the earliest age, they observe how family matters are taken care of and the idea, the need to get married is usually ingrained into their mind. Therefore, a single woman from Russia whom you might meet on a mail-order bride website is likely to be a good fit for family life. Granted, the husband and wife must share the same values and goals in life.

Multifaceted Resourcefulness of Russian Mail Order Brides

What distinguishes a Russian woman from Western brides is the ability to adapt and grow in different areas of life. Because of the somewhat unstable life in Russia, Russian mail-order brides are prepared to face difficult challenges. That applies to marriage as well, and it’s an invaluable asset for any husband.

Most of the time, good times and bad times go alongside each other. Couples who meet through mail-order bride websites are no exceptions: their relationships are usually subjected to both external and internal challenges, and if your wife is prone to abandoning the ship upon the first sign of danger, you are in trouble. Thankfully, Russian mail order brides face hardships head-on, standing alongside their husbands and moving forward one step at a time.


Regardless of the Russian wife finder website you choose, or even if you decide to meet and date Russian ladies in person by traveling to the country, the Slavic roots combined with Russian charisma are likely to mesmerize you. Russian wives are one of the most desirable in the world, and it only takes a courageous decision to try your luck in finding one